28 – State Care Benefits Act

Fact sheet no. 28

High-grade visually impaired, blind and deaf individuals have a claim to compensation in the federal state of Berlin according to the State Care Benefits Act (LPflGG) for personal expenses due to the impairment. These benefits are not social services benefits. They are independent from any other amount of income and assets.

Prerequisites for claims

According to § 1 of this Act individuals are regarded as:

  •  high-grade visually impaired, if “visual acuity does not exceed one twentieth in both eyes or other vision impairments exist equal in severity. This is the case, if the restriction of the vision causes a degree of impairment of 100 and blindness does not yet exist.–
  • blind, if “visual acuity does not exceed one fiftieth in both eyes or other impairments of such a severity exist which are regarded as equal to this vision impairment.–
  • deaf persons are individuals “with congenital deafness or deafness which presented before the seventh year of life or hearing impairment equal to deafness. Individuals, with deafness or hearing impairment equal to deafness which presented itself at a later time, are regarded as deaf if the degree of the impairment is more than 90 due to a sever speech disorder.–

People, who are blind and deaf obtain the sign TBL on the identity card for disability.

Care benefits according to the State Care Benefit Act as of 01.07.2019

  •   High-grade visual impairment or deaf: monthly 147,98 €
  •   High-grade visual impairment and deaf: monthly 295,96 €
  •   Blind: monthly 591,93 €
  •   Blind and deaf: monthly 1.189,00 €

The benefit amount can be increased, if required, within the scope of social service benefits depending on income and assets. Care insurance benefits are proportionately credited to

the care allowance under the provincial care allowance law. This can lead to a reduction of provincial care allowance. In care level 2 € 145,36, and in care levels 3 – 5 € 179,85 are

credited, but not more than 50 % of each granted amount.

In cases of established rights (formerly: Helpless care allowance) the care allowance under

SGB XI will be credited in full. As part of full in-patient care in a nursing home only half of the provincial care allowance is paid.


The following benefits are to be paid in establishments

  •   in case of high-grade visual impairment or deafness 73,99 €
  •   in case of high-grade visual impairment and deafness 147,98 €
  •   in case of blindness 295,97 €
  •   in case of blindness and deafness 594,50 €

The respective district authority is responsible for the application. Further information may also be received from:


Allgemeiner Blinden- und
Sehbehindertenverein Berlin gegr. 1874
e.V. (ABSV)

(Berlin's general association for the blind and visually impaired)
Auerbacher Str. 7
14193 Berlin
Telephone: 030 - 895 88 0
Fax: 030 - 895 88 99
E-mail: info@absv.de
Internet: www.absv.de
The ABSV offers among others

  • Health aids exhibition with
    consultation and sale

  • Training of practical life skills

  • Group offers

  • Flats for the blind and the visually

  • District groups

Consultancy office for the visually impaired
Turmstraße 21, Haus M
10559 Berlin

Telephone: 030 – 9018 45 246
Fax: 030 – 9018 45 252
Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Gehörlosen in Berlin e.V. (GFGB) (Berlin Society for the Promotion of the Deaf e.V. (GFGB)
Friedrichstraße 12, 10069 Berlin,
Telephone: 030 – 25 170 51/52
Fax : 030 – 74 77 66 99

Hörbehinderten Beratungs- und Informationszentrum (HörBiz) (hearing impaired consultancy and information centre)

Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 23 a
14059 Berlin

Telephone: 030 –“ 32 60 23 75

Fax: 030 –“ 32 60 23 76

E-Mail: charlottenburg@hoerbiz-berlin.de