4 – Offers for support in everyday life

Fact sheet no. 4

The offers for support in everyday life is meant to provide support and burden relief to caregiving relatives and other related caregivers. This enables people who are in need of assistance to be more independent and self-reliant in everyday life. Possible certified support services are provided by voluntary helpers, relief offers for caregivers or offers for burden relief in everyday life.

For domestic care in care levels 1 –“ 5, a claim for burden relief in the amount of € 125 per month is available.

How can burden relief be used?

Offers for support in everyday life are reimbursed by the nursing insurance fund when the following services are used:

  1. Day or night care (information sheet 9)
  2. Short-term care (co-payment –“ information sheet 8)
  3. General assistance, support and supervision by recognized institutions or circle of helpers
  4. Recognized low-threshold care services
  5. Domestic assistance by authorized agencies

An overview of the authorized providers in Berlin can be found on the competence centre care support website at www.pflegeunterstuetzung-berlin.de.

Receiving benefits

In most cases, payment of the recognized amount is made after the submission of written proofs / invoices regarding the use of the services. In this case, the costs incurred are initially borne by the user. After consulting with the user, many providers invoice the nursing insurance fund directly.

If the amount is not completely used in one calendar year, the remaining amount can be claimed by 30 June of the following year.

Conditions under legislative amendment beginning 2017
Funds not used in 2015 and 2016 can be claimed until 31 Dec 2018.