22 – Identification for the Severely Handicapped

Fact sheet no. 22

The severely handicapped pass is available upon application. Only the Office for Public Support can issue the pass. The degree of disability can be assessed by the medical service of the Office for Public Support. The application form is available at the Office for Public Support, in public offices, counselling centres for the disabled, or in nursing support centres. The offices will also assist you in completing the application. If you already have a severely handicapped pass, but the disability has increased or another one has been added, then an application for new determination should be made with reference to your case number (see the front of the severely handicapped pass). The same form must be used as the one used for the original application.The pass can list various codes (for example: G Meaning: mobility-disability, aG Meaning: severe mobility-disability , B Meaning: support when using public transportation, Bl Meaning: blindness or severe visual impairment, Gl Meaning: deafness. TBI Meaning: deaf-blind, H Meaning: a helpless person) that entitle you to disadvantage benefits. The severely handicapped pass is valid nationwide.