22 – Identification for the Severely Handicapped

Fact sheet no. 22

The severely handicapped pass is available upon application. Only the Office for Public Support can issue the pass. The application form is available at the Office for Public Support, in public offices, counselling centres for the disabled, or in nursing support centres. The offices will also assist you in completing the application. If you already have a severely handicapped pass, but the disability has increased or another one has been added, then an application for new determination should be made with reference to your case number (see the front of the severely handicapped pass). The same form must be used as the one used for the original application.


In general, after the application is filed, a medical examination by an expert of the Office for Public Support does not have to be made. In many cases, the decision may be taken based on the documents made available by the applicant, doctors, hospitals or health insurance. The degree of disability can be assessed by the medical service of the Office for Public Support. The pass can list various codes that entitle you to disadvantage benefits. The severely handicapped pass is valid nationwide.


Explanation of the most important codes and compensation


G         Meaning: mobility-disability. There is a substantial impairment of mobility in street traffic. Compensation: after purchase of a token local transportation can be used for € 80 annually or for € 40 for half a year at no additional cost. Owners of a motor vehicle may apply for a reduction of vehicle tax instead of the token.


aG       Meaning: severe mobility-disability. Compensation: token for public transport as with code G. Upon request to the traffic authority of the responsible district, a parking permit for the use of handicapped parking may be issued. A reserved handicapped parking space in the vicinity of the home may be applied for. Owners of motor vehicles can apply for exemption from motor vehicle tax.


In the case of codes G and aG, an additional need is recognized when basic social security benefits or social assistance are applied for (SGB XII).


B        Meaning: support when using public transportation. Compensation: a chaperone can use public transportation free of charge even when the pass holder has to pay for his fare.


Bl       Meaning: blindness  or severe visual impairment. Compensation: exemption from vehicle tax, and reduction of parking concessions. The cardholder receives a free token for the use of public transportation. In addition, there is entitlement to claims under the Land Care Allowance Act.


Gl       Meaning: deafness. Individuals are considered deaf when they are deaf in both ears, as well as individuals with severe hardness of hearing that is close to deafness in conjunction with a speech impediment. Compensation: purchase of a token (€ 80/40) for use of public transportation is possible. There is entitlement to claims under the Land Care Allowance Act.

TBI     Meaning: deaf-blind. Deaf-blind are people what, due to a hearing function impairment, a degree of at least 70 and, due to a vision impairment of 100 is recognized. Exemption of Public Radio and TV fee.


H         Meaning: a helpless person is defined as a severely handicapped person who requires significant constant support for managing the ordinary and recurring chores of everyday life needs as a result of a disability. Compensation: free token for use of public transportation and exemption from vehicle tax.


RF      Meaning: Exemption/reduction of Public Radio and TV fee for people with disabilities with corresponding code who cannot participate in public events because of their disability.               https://www.rundfunkbeitrag.de/formulare/buergerinnen_und_buerger/antrag_auf_befreiung/index_ger.html




T         Meaning: eligibility for the special transport service. Compensation: eligible to apply for special transport services for people with disabilities in the State of Berlin (see also Information Sheet No. 21).


Mailing Address: (Please always remember to include the case number in all correspondences.)

Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales Berlin, Postfach 31 09 29, 10639 Berlin E-Mail: infoservice@lageso.berlin.de, Internet: www.lageso.berlin.de



Customer service centre of the pension office

Sächsische Straße 28, 10707 Berlin (The building is handicapped accessible!)

Severely Handicapped Affairs, Service Phone: 030 – 115, Fax: 90 28 – 50 80

Office hours: Mon. and Tues. 9:00 am-3:00 pm; Thurs. 9:00-6:00 pm, Fri. 9:00 am-1:00 pm


As of 01.01.2015 the severely handicapped pass will only be issued as an identification card. Transitional arrangements: Passes in the old form issued up to 31.12.2014 remain valid until their expiry date (unless they are withdrawn). They can also be exchanged for an identification card.