11 – Full-time nursing care

Fact sheet no. 11

If home or outpatient nursing care is no longer sufficient, it may become necessary to move to a nursing home. Full-time nursing care is mainly used by people who are in need of care in the sense of the nursing care law and who have been classified into a nursing care level for inpatient care.

There are facilities that offer special assistance for people with needs in care and supervision, e.g. for people with dementia, comatose patients, or those with special diseases.

Which applications are required?

  1. a request at the responsible nursing care fund for the authorisation of full-time nursing care,
  2. an application for admission to the desired nursing home and
  3. if applicable, an application for financial assistance from the responsible social welfare office.

How can I find the right nursing home?

Many nursing homes offer a trail-residency week. Our information sheet no. 12 (Checklist nursing home) is available to help you select a suitable nursing home.

What should be considered in a nursing home contract?

A nursing home contract should include all agreements, including the costs. It should be noted that regular expenses and costs for voluntarily selected additional services, should be listed separately.
The contract should be clearly written and thoroughly read. It is sensible to involve a person of trust and to ask questions in the case of uncertainty. The nursing home contract is to be signed by the future home-dweller. If this is not possible, an authorized or legal representative must sign the contract. In doing so, the signing person must consider that he is to ensure the conclusion of the nursing home contract and the dissolution of the previous dwelling.

How much does a nursing home cost?

Depending on the level of care needed, the nursing care fund will pay a subsidy for the costs related to the nursing care, the costs of social care and the costs for medical treatment services, in the amount of:


Care level from 1.1.2017
Care level 1125 Euro
Care level 2770 Euro
Care level 31,262 Euro
Care level 41,775 Euro
Care level 52,005 Euro

In addition to the amount paid by the long-term care insurance fund, the residents pay a share of the in-patient care costs. In the case of nursing care levels 2 to 5, everyone pays the same share in a nursing home. There are also costs for food, accommodation and expenses, which differ from nursing home to nursing home.

The total amount of the nursing home costs (less the benefits of the nursing care fund) must be paid for using the income and assets of the person in need of care. If necessary, the appropriate financial assistance may be requested from the social welfare office.

The social welfare office reviews entitlement claims against spouses and children, see also the information sheets 34 (Maintenance obligations of grown children for parents in need of care) and 37 (Assistance for nursing care from the district authorities)