39 – Children and adolescents in need of care

Fact sheet no. 39

Due to a congenital illness, disability, accident or for any other reason, a need for care of children can exist.

The families are in such cases faced with complex challenges: What are the requirements for a degree of care for children? What kind of support do children need in day care and at school? Which custom-made aids or conversion measures are there for children and adolescents with a handicap? On these issues, the Consulting Centres in Berlin offer in-depth advice and support for families. This includes information on topics such as degree of  care,  home conversion measures and aids.

A very important aspect of consultation is the burden relief of family carers. This can be provided by care insurance benefits such as respite and short-term care as well as support and burden relief services. There are also special benefits for siblings.

The goal is to provide children and adolescent with personalized care to improve the living situation. They should be integrated into the help and care system and thus achieve greater independence in coping with everyday life.

Children grow and their needs may change over the years.
The Consulting Centres provide advice on the respectively suitable offers.

Socio-medical after-care

For up to 6 weeks after a hospital stay of the child, external supervision at home can be prescribed by specialized institutions that analyse the prescribed service needs, coordinate the prescribed services and provide support for the provision of the services.

Social Paediatric Centres

With a referral from the attending physician one can obtain from multi-professional teams specialized advice, diagnosis, therapy and early intervention.

Child and Adolescent Health Service

In each district preventive holistic health information and advice is available as well as medical examinations up to the age of 18.

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service

There are psychological counselling and medical examinations up to the age of 18 years.

Youth Welfare Office

The Youth Welfare Office supports inpatient and outpatient services for children and adolescents such as family assistance and integration assistance for children and adolescents with a mental or physical disability up to the age of 18.

Children’s Hospice

From the time of diagnosis of a life-limiting illness an external hospice can help in coping with the mental and physical strain of care giving. In-patient hospices provide a fitting setting for the time of parting.

Child Protection Hotline Tel. 030 610066

The Child Protection Hotline is a low-threshold, telephone “round-the-clock” advice and support service and a first point of contact for anyone who is concerned about the well- being of children and adolescents.

The Consultation Centres can provide you with information and support with making applications, filing an appeal and in the search for alternatives.

Links to the offers

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Young Peoples' Affairs
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