21 – Special Transport Service Berlin

Fact sheet no. 21

People with disabilities who are not physically able to use public transportation or “normal taxicabs” and/or whose place of residence/arrival has obstacles, can avail themselves of Berlin–™s Special Transport Service (SonderFahrDienst, SFD). The transport service is available for recreational trips only.

Who can use the special transport service?

People with the code “T” (T = Transport service eligibility).
This code is assigned to individuals who are significantly mobility-impaired (code “aG–), have a mobility-related disability of at least 80%, and a proven disability for climbing stairs.
Individuals with a prescription from their doctor, on the basis of which the health insurance company or another benefit provider has assumed the costs for a wheelchair or a walker, may obtain a temporary authorization for the code “T” for the duration of the application process.
The applicant must reside in the state of Berlin.

How can the special transport service be used?

To use the special transport service, a personal magnetic card is required on which the user’s name and customer number are stored. The individual trips are recorded on the magnetic card, and automatically forwarded to calculate the amount of out-of-pocket payments. An application for a magnetic card can be made at:

                      State Office for Health and Social Affairs

                      – III C 2 –
                      PO box 31 09 29, 10639 Berlin

Reservations for trips, with reference of the customer number, can be made between 7:00 am-5:00 pm every day:

                       Berlin mobility centre “SFD Berlin

                       Phone: 26 10 23 00
                       Fax: 26 10 23 99

You can also order your trip via email: (orders only) order@sfd-berlin.de
The transportation service (period of use) is available daily between 5:00 am to 1:00 am at night.
All pertinent information (stair lift, help carrying, electric wheelchair, etc.) are noted at the time of the first order and stored for all further bookings.

What is the cost of the special transport service?

You are always required to make an out-of-pocket payment. The exception is for nursing home residents who receive an allowance from social assistance agencies. Reduced out- of-pocket payments are approved for: recipients of social assistance (SGB XII), basic social security (SGB XII) and benefits under SGB II.
The out-of-pocket payment for each trip is:

reduced fare
1-8 trips per month € 2.05€ 1.53
9-16 trips per month € 5.00€ 3.50
17 trips or more per month € 10.00€ 7.00

An out-of-pocket payment of € 2.00 per trip is charged if you travel with more than one companion. Transportation across the state border (up to 5 km) costs an additional flat rate of € 3.00. A service fee of € 2.05 is charged for cancellations of trips booked on the day of transportation,


What is a taxicab account?

Persons eligible for Special Transport Services who can use a “normal” taxicab can make use of the taxi account services. The fare must be paid (in advance) in the taxicab. Ask for a receipt and make sure that the receipt states in clearly legible writing and in number the amount of fare. The day of transportation and the name of the taxicab company must also be clearly legible. Send the taxicab receipts for every per month to the accounting service (SoFa – III C 2) in the social security office for reimbursement. The first time a reimbursement is submitted, the current bank account information and, if applicable, proof of eligibility for reduced out-of-pocket payment or exemption from personal contribution must be included in addition to the customer number; for future reimbursement applications, the customer number is sufficient.

Maximum fares in the amount of € 125.00 per month can be submitted. The amount of out- of-pocket payment is a flat rate of € 40.00 per month, or reduced € 20.00 per month. Users exempt from out-of-pocket payments (nursing home residents who receive an allowance from social assistance agencies) receive a maximum refund of € 125.00.

For further questions and information, the service office has added a Customer service line for special transport service:

Phone:(030) 90 229 –“ 64 33 or (030) 115


Office hours: Monday to Friday 7:00 am –“ 6:00 pm

Who can take advantage of the hardship fund?

Individuals unable to make out-of-pocket payments because of special economic or

personal circumstances may apply for a subsidy from the State Commissioner for the Disabled.
Contact person: Mr. Steffen Petzerling, phone: 90 28 16 57, Fax: 90 28 21 66, E-Mail: steffen.petzerling@sengs.berlin.de, postal address: Geschäftsstelle des Landesbeirats für Menschen mit Behinderung, Oranienstraße 106, 10969 Berlin.