8 – Respite Care –“ Short-term Care

Fact sheet no. 8

Domestic care when the care provider is unavailable (respite care)

When a private caregiver is unavailable due to holidays, sickness or for other reasons prevented to perform care, the nursing care insurance covers the costs of the required substitute care for a maximum of 42 days and up to € 1,612 per calendar year. Prerequisite is that the caregiver has cared for the care-receiver in the home for at least six months and there has been an assignment of at least care level 2 before the initial unavailability. An application for respite care is available from the nursing care fund.

Short-term Care

If, in the case of care level 2-5, home care cannot at times be provided to the extent necessary, there is the option of receiving nursing care in a short-term care facility, which are independent facilities that only provide care and assistance on a temporary basis. In the case of care level 1, the amount of relief can be used for financing. An application for shot-term care can be obtained through the nursing care fund.