17 – For the use of certain care aids

Fact sheet no. 17

For the use of certain care aids intended for general hygiene, the protection of caregivers and which simplifies care giving. Generally, due to the material properties or for hygienic reasons, they can be used only once.

Which aids are available for use?

  •  Disposable gloves
  •  Hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant
  •  Absorbent bed protection underlays – single use
  • Mouth guard
  •  Finger stalls
  •  Protective aprons – single use

Who is eligible for aid intended for use?

Persons in need of care in all care levels are entitled to certain care aids to a maximum of € 40.00 per month. If the expenses are higher, the additional costs are to be borne by the user.

How does the patient receive care aids?

The application may be submitted directly at a medical supply shop or pharmacy of their choice; there you can discuss in detail what you need. The application is then sent to the care fund to assume the costs. With the approval by the care insurance you receive the aid directly from the medical supply shop or pharmacy.

How is the care fund invoiced?

Along with the assumption of costs, you submit the invoices to your care fund. This will reimburse a maximum of € 40.00 per month. Some suppliers invoice the care fund directly; for this you must sign a declaration of assignment.