30 – Check listflat sharing communities for individuals with dementia

Fact sheet no. 30

This check list intends to help you selecting a flat sharing community (WG) for individuals with dementia. It helps you to clarify, what is important to you. Carefully consider what you can and want to contribute, but also what the other relatives want and what you, possibly, expect from them. You can adapt the catalogue to your personal requirements by removing or adding items and using the free fields for entries.

Use the catalogue as selection help or guide line for your own decision. It may be the basis for a discussion with the relatives, the care service provider and the landlord. It may also help to strive for improvements.
Please consider: Not everything can be implemented in situ on a 1 to 1 basis. However, the relatives can, together, exercise significant influence the well-being of their family member suffering from dementia.

Die Checkliste finden Sie rechts an der Seite unter Downloads und soll als Hilfe bei der Besichtigung dienen..