Pflegestützpunkt Neukölln

Location & organisation

1st floor, Lift available

We also offer you an online video consultation. Please make an appointment at: pflegestuetzpunkt@hvd-bb.de.

Point of contact

Oliver Happ

Qualified social worker / Qualified social educationalist

Rike Lehrkamp

Qualified social worker / Qualified social educationalist

Büsra Oenay

Gerontologin (M.A.)

Franziska Scheibe

Social worker (B.A)


Case manager*
Certified housing consultant


State of Berlin and the Berlin health and nursing care insurance companies


U-Bahn station Rathaus Neukölln (U7)
Bus: 104, 166, Stop Morusstraße

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All locations

Additional services


on care and old-age living issues on request

Projects & cooperations

Active member

  • of geriatrisch- gerontopsychiatrischen Verbund (GGV) Neukölln – www.berlin.de
  • within “Initiative demenzfreundliches Neukölln“
  • of “Selbstbestimmtes Wohnen im Alter e.V.– (SWA) –“ www.swa-berlin.de

Project: Participation in Modellprojekt “Interkulturelle Brückenbauer_innen in der Pflege– (IBIP)

Maintenance of the database Hilfelotse Berlin for the Neukölln district – www.hilfelotse-berlin.de – with all help and support providers in the area of care, health and care for the elderly