Pflegestützpunkt Treptow-Köpenick

Location & organisation

Ground floor

during corona times, please make an appointment by phone

Point of contact

Patrick Brendel

Project manager, Qualified social worker / Qualified social educationalist

Rahel Haferburg

Qualified social worker

Susanne Gerecke

Qualified social worker / Qualified social educationalist

Susanne Wussow

Qualified sociologist

Martin Werbeck

Gerontologist (B.A.)

Rina Thielecke

Social worker / social pedagogue (B.A.)


Social worker / social pedagogue
Case manager (DGCC)
Certified housing consultant for elderly persons and disabled persons. (BAG)


State of Berlin and the Berlin health and nursing care insurance companies


S-Bahn station Schönweide (S8, S9, S45, S46, S47, S85)
Tram: M17, 21, 37, 60, 67, S-Bahn station Schöneweide or Brückenstraße
Bus: X11, 160, 165, 166, 265, S-Bahn station Schöneweide/Sterndamm or S-Bahn station Schöneweide

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All locations

Additional services

Support for voluntary work,
Conducting information events

Additional Out-patient clinic:
Third Wednesday of every month, 1 pm to 2:30 pm. Frauentreff an der Wuhlheide, Rathenaustr. 40, 12459 Berlin,
Tel.: 030 53015956 or frauentreff.wuhlheide@1000fuessler-frauen.de

Projects & cooperations

  • Member of gerontopsychiatrisch/geriatrischer Verbund Treptow-Köpenick (GGV)
  • Cooperation in the “demenzfreundlich! Treptow-Köpenick” network
  • Member of BAG Wohnungsanpassung e.V.
  • Member of Arbeitsgruppe Sozialarbeit (GGV)
  • Collaboration in the GP and specialist care work group (GGV)
  • Implementation of the project “Bewegt! Treptow-Köpenick– with federal funding from “Anlaufstellen für ältere Menschen–
  • Participation in the consultative working group for the further development and
    implementation of the municipal health objective “Gesund alt werden in Treptow-Köpenick”
  • www.hilfelotse-berlin.de