Pflegestützpunkt Neukölln

Location & organisation

Pflegestützpunkt Neukölln inside Neukölln Arcaden, 2nd floor

Point of contact

Angelika Heisterkamp

Care adviser

Christian Kubitza

Care adviser

Antje Schnalke

Care adviser


Case manager
Child officer


State of Berlin and the Berlin health and nursing care insurance companies


U-Bahn station Rathaus Neukölln (U7)
Bus: 104, 194, 700

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Additional services

Projects & cooperations

  • Project participation: “Interkulturelle BrückenbauerInnen in der Pflege– (IBIP)
  • Intercultural care counselling working group
  • Specialised outpatient palliative care working group
  • Cooperation: Kontaktstelle Pflege Engagement Neukölln